Asahi Sunac Products

Asahi Sunac high speed cold formers are high performance machines available in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 dies; Cutoff Diameters from 2 thru 35mm; Kickout Lengths up to 250 mm; Speeds up to 440 peices per minute and Forging Tonnage to 500 Tons. There are over 90 different models to choose from.

AT Series - Two-Die, Two-Blow
Cutoff Diameters from 4mm thru 20mm
Operating speeds up to 440 ppm with long term precision. Eighteen models available.

ST Series - Two-Die, Two-BIow
New Generation of Two-Die, Two-Blow
World’s fastest machine. Cutoff Diameters from 8 thru 14mm
Eleven Models available.

RH Series - Two-Die, Three-Blow
Cutoff Diameters of 8.5mm, 11mm and 15mm
Three models available.

AQ Series - Three and Four Die
Ninteen models available and among the world’s fastest. Productive, profitable and affordable.
Cutoff Diameters from 7 thru 22mm.

AF Series Parts Formers
Twenty-six Models. High speed, Five and Six die machines for precision cold forming.
Five-Die, Five Blow: Cutoff Diameters from 12 thru 35mm.
Six-Die, Six-Blow: Cutoff Diameters from 12 thru 35mm.

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